MSLAW Inter-School Writing & Legal Advocacy Competition

Spring 2015
app adv qf 2015 spring

Quarter Finalists: David Delpapa, Steven Deese, Josie Chandler, Christine Hofer, Natalie Quinn, Michael Harrington, Jonathan Molleur, and Steven Sheperd

app adv qf 2015 spring c

Semi Finalists: David Delpapa, Josie Chandler, Christine Hofer, and Natalie Quinn

app adv qf 2015 spring b

Finalists David Delpapa and Josie Chandler (winner – Best Advocate and Best Brief)

Fall 2014


Peter Morris, Ana Sirakov, and Stephen Smith


Geoffrey Carlson

Jean Paul Turayishme

Summer 2014

summer 2014 advocacy finalists 2

From left to right: Maurice Aguiler, Finalist, Best Advocate; Richard Newman, Semifinalist; Jason McGuire, Quarterfinalist; Kelsey Gore, Quarterfinalist, Best Brief Appellee; Taylor Lovely, Quarterfinalist; Colleen Duran, Quarterfinalist; Christopher Basso, Best Brief Appellant; Michael Eastman, Finalist; Seldon Nasson, Semifinalist.


Spring 2014

 summer 2014 advocacy finalists

From left to right: Catherine Guthrie, Best Brief, Appellant; Everald Henry, Quarterfinalist; Julie Johnson, Quarterfinalist, Best Brief Appellee; Arthur Akers, Finalist; Richard Campos, Best Advocate; Marco Bearchie, Semifinalist; Stephanie Tompkins, Quarterfinalist; Stephen Miliotis, Quarterfinalist; Joseph Kelley, Semifinalist.   Fall 2013

pota competition 6

Robert Wickham,

pota competition 3

Kevin Barry,

pota competition 2

Lieren McElroy,

Summer 2013

pota competition 10

Matthew Marotta,
Best Advocate, Best Brief

pota competition 5

Tim Lockhart,

pota competition 8

Gary Somogie,

pota competition 9

Allison Britton,

pota competition 1

Daniel Conley,

pota competition 7

Lisa Dell’Anno,

Spring 2013

pota competition 4

Lindsay Stewart,
Best Brief

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