Environmental Law

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I have recently developed this course and will be offering it for the first time this spring because of my concern about what has been rightfully called the biggest challenge ever to face mankind. While the full effects of climate change might not be felt for another fifty years, knowledgeable scientists have concluded that we have a short time frame in which to take corrective steps or else our children and grandchildren will face the potentially devastating consequences of our inaction. These consequences include sea level rise which could inundate most coastal regions, temperature increases which could result in the climate in New England more closely resembling that of South Carolina or Florida, and infectious diseases like Triple-E, dengue fever, malaria, and West Nile virus becoming common in places where they have never even existed. For these reasons and many others, this course embraces policy considerations, legal initiatives by cities, counties, states and the federal government, statutory enactments, regulatory activities and court rulings.

Introduction to Global Climate Change Chapter 1 (.pdf)
Introduction to Global Climate Change Chapter 4 (.pdf)

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