Faculty Pages

All Massachusetts School of Law full-time professors have offices in the school library. Students are encouraged to email or call professors in advance in order to schedule personal appointments. However, the school honors an open-door policy, and students may come by when the door is open to ask class-related questions. This allows for a personal and intellectually engaging environment that makes Massachusetts School of Law at Andover a place both students and faculty want to be.

Dean Lawrence Velvel

Dean Elect Michael Coyne

Assistant Dean Diane Sullivan

Assistant Dean Pota Kaldis

Professor Paula Colby-Clements

Professor Anthony Copani

Professor Phillip Coppola

Professor Joseph Devlin
Professor Dan Harayda

Professor Peter Malaguti

Professor Thomas Martin

Professor Kurt Olson

Professor Constance Rudnick

Professor Andrej Starkis

Professor Holly Vietzke

Please contact Dan Harayda at dan@mslaw.edu if you need to contact a faculty member who has no current email on file.

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