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Instructor: Attorney Jeanne Condurelli
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Memo to Family Law Students Fall 14

Family Law Syllabus

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Weekly Classes

TO:  Students Enrolled in Family Law/Family Law On-Line

FROM:  Atty. Jeanne E. Condurelli

If you have registered for Family Law this fall, please send an e-mail to me at informing me of your participation in the class as soon as possible.  Please indicate whether you are in the on-line class or whether you will be taking the class in-person.  This will enable me to compile a class e-mail list and I will be able to use e-mail to contact you for the purposes of class-related news, such as the Lawyer for the Day/Rounds schedule. Students who fail to e-mail me will not receive such news.

ROUNDS: All Family Law students will be required to participate in Rounds for one day during the term.  You will be working in the Lawyer for the Day office at the Probate & Family Court in Lawrence under the supervision of an experienced practitioner.  Generally speaking, there will be an offering of one or two days each week of the term. Students may select their date from those offered on a first-come-first- served basis.

SYLLABUS: A syllabus will be posted on-line for Family Law/Family Law On-Line about one week prior to the first class. There will also be an “Additional Cases” list posted on the family law website.  A copy of most of these cases will be on reserve with the library for you to photocopy, or, as most students have preferred, you may download the cases and statutes from Westlaw, as you need them. Do not download and print all of them ahead of time,  as some of the cases are for reference and will not be required reading. Approximately one week before classes begin, please go to the student resources website linking to course syllabi or scroll to Family Law/or Online Courses/Family Law to obtain a copy of the syllabus and to prepare for the first class.

ON-LINE STUDENTS:  If you are enrolled in Family Law ON-LINE,  it is critical that you email me so that I may add you to my online email roster. If we do not establish email communication early on, you will not be recognized as participating in the class.

If you have questions about how to participate in the on-line class, please do not call the front office with your questions on this.  You may e-mail me at with your questions.

Here is how online students participate in the online class:

On-Line students will access the audio from weekly Family Law classes and prepare for and participate in class via email. The audio for Family Law On-Line will be uploaded to the website shortly after each Monday evening class. You can access the audio through   Then, click on “Family Law On-Line”.  Use CONDURELLI as both the user name and password, if you need to do so (for the first class, a new password will be emailed to participating students shortly thereafter). You must check e-mail frequently as it will be our regular means of communication during the term.

Each week three to five questions will be posted for On-Line students to answer in written form. These will be posted on the Family Law On-Line site.   Please be sure that you respond by e-mail to the questions posted for each week’s assignment within two weeks of posting. You must respond to these questions in a timely manner as your grade is, in part, based upon your answers to those questions. Late answers will not be accepted.  Your responses will be evaluated according to the “grading criteria” posted on the family online website.  Your graded responses each week will comprise your midterm grade. Since you will have approximately 2 weeks to prepare your responses, it is expected that you spend significant time and thought to each of your submissions.

Online students are welcome to visit class in-person on any Monday evening of their choice.

FINAL EXAM: Both sections of Family Law (ON-LINE and in-person) will be expected to sit for the final exam that will be scheduled during exam week.

I look forward to meeting all of you in Family Law and at the Essex County Probate and Family Court in Lawrence for Rounds.

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