Federal Refund Policy

  • If you withdraw from MSLAW and your Stafford funds have not been received or applied to your tuition fee, MSLAW will cancel your disbursement in full.
  • If you were eligible for earned monies for living expenses and tuition, by canceling your loan you will no longer be eligible for those funds.
  • If you withdraw from MSLAW after your Stafford funds have been processed, MSLAW will use the Department of Education’s pro-rata refund calculation program to determine the amount of funds to return.
  • If an extraordinary circumstance exists (extreme medical condition with documentation), with authorization from the student, MSLAW will return your loan minus any refunds received by the student.

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You should contact Lynn Bowab in the Financial Aid office to obtain the application materials or to inquire about any of MSLAW’s policies. You may fax your request to 978.681.6330, call 978.681.0800 X136, or email Lynn at Bowab@mslaw.edu.

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