Staff Directory

Assistant to the Dean
Rosa Figuerido 978.681.0800 X113

MSLAW Administrative Staff
Laura Lussier 978.681.0800 X110
Administrative Assistant

Jean Landers 978.681.0800 X114
Administrative Assistant

Technology Department Staff
Daniel C.B. Harayda 978.681.0800 X143
Director of Technology

Mick Coyne 978.681.0800 X163
Assistant Director of Technology

Media Department Staff
Kathryn Villare 978.681.0800 X158
Director of  Media

Pam Sinton-Coffman 978.681.0800 X142
Production Specialist

Laura Lussier 978.681.0800 X110
MSLAW TV requests/booking

Information Resource Department Staff
Shukla Biswas 978.681.0800 X137
Technical Services Librarian

Mary Kilpatrick 978.681.0800 X129
Reference Librarian

Arvi Schott 978.681.0800 X112
Reserve Desk Manager

Office of the Registrar
Louise Rose 978.681.0800 X127

Financial Aid Department Staff
Lynn Bowab 978.681.0800 X136
Director of Financial Aid

Kathy Perry 978.681.0800 X140
Financial Aid

Admissions Department Staff
Paula Colby-Clements 978.681.0800 X138
Director of Admissions

Rohit Bhasin 978.681.0800 X148
Assistant Director of Admissions
Director of International Programs

Office of Career Services
Ursula Furi-Perry 978.681.0800 X177
Director of Career Services

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