Academic Counseling

All students should meet with their Faculty Advisors for guidance in planning their curriculum. Students are assigned Faculty Advisors based on their last name.

Student Grievences
Assistant Dean Paula Kaldis
Phone: 978.681.0800 X117

The overwhelming majority of student grievances received by Massachusetts School of Law’s administration fall into three general categories: requests for tuition refunds after the time for a refund has elapsed, requests for changes in grades, and disciplinary complaints.

With respect to tuition refunds and changes in grades, MSLAW’s policies and procedures are stated in the catalog. With respect to disciplinary matters arising under the rules and regulations printed at the end of this catalog, MSLAW follows procedures that are available to all students in published form.

Massachusetts School of Law occasionally receives grievances from students concerning other school related matters, such as parking, school cancellations due to inclement weather, or noise in the portion of the library where students are allowed to talk quietly. MSLAW prefers to address and resolve these issues informally. It therefore encourages its students to speak informally to the Assistant Dean about such matters, who will informally take steps she deems necessary, if any.

If a student wishes to state a grievance formally, then the student shall submit a signed statement to the Dean, detailing the student’s concerns. The Dean may then take whatever action, if any, she deems necessary to address the grievance.


Special Accommodations
Assistant Dean Paula Kaldis
Phone: 978.681.0800 X117

Any students who need disability accommodations should let us know if there is anything we can do to help you succeed at MSLAW.

Disabilities Questionnaire

To receive accommodations for a disability, students must complete the Disabilities Questionnaire concerning their disability and submit the required information. This information helps form the basis for receiving appropriate, reasonable accommodations in the classroom. To receive accommodations in a timely way, students must present documentation of their disability before the semester begins or soon thereafter.

For students who have received permission from the Disabilities Office to take exams on a computer, contact Dan Harayda if you need further assistance.

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