Course Syllabi

Instructors may change course syllabi prior to and during the class. Please check with the MSLAW Bookstore prior to purchasing the assigned text, as a newer text edition may be required.

Armano Insurance Law  Fall 2014
Armano Personal Injury Spring 2015
Armano Product Liability Spring 2015
Cheesman Cybercrime Fall 2014
Cheesman Cyberlaw Spring 2014
Cheesman Electronic Commerce Fall 2014
Cheesman Electronic Discovery Spring 2015
Cheesman Entrepreneur Law Spring 2015
Cheesman White Collar Crime
Spring 2015
Colby-Clements Ethics Spring 2015
Colby-Clements Writing, Research, and Trial Advocacy Spring 2015
Condurelli Memo to Family Law Students Family Law Syllabus Fall 2014
Copani Evidence Fall 2014
Consoli Family Law Spring 2015
Coppola Criminal Law Fall 2014
Coppola Criminal Procedure Spring 2015
Corsaro Real Estate Finance and Conveyancing Spring 2015
Corsaro Property Fall 2014
Coyne Civil Procedure Fall 2014
Coyne Evidence Fall 2014
Coyne Remedies Student Memo Spring 2015
Coyne Remedies Summer 2014
Devlin Business Associations  Fall 2014
Devlin Contracts Spring 2015
Devlin Wills and Trusts Fall 2014
Dimitriadis Bar Essay Writing and Analysis (Tuesday-Thursday) Fall 2015
Dimitriadis Bar Essay Writing and Analysis (Saturday) Fall 2014
Foley Administrative Law Fall 2014
Ford Aging and the Law Spring 2014
Ford Estate Planning Spring 2013
Ford Wills and Trusts Fall 2014
Forrrest International Law  Spring 2013
Furi-Perry Bar Essay Writing Spring 2015
Furi-Perry Massachusetts Law Writing and Analysis Spring
Furi-Perry Massachusetts Law Writing and Analysis Summer
Furi-Perry Social Media Law Fall 2014
Griffin Special Education Law
Fall 2014
Goldman Law and Psychiatry Fall 2014
Harayda/Rodriguez Factual Investigations Fall 2014
Hyde New Hampshire Practice (first half semster) Spring 2015
Johnson Criminal Law Fall 2014
Johnson Criminal Procedure Spring 2015
Kaldis Family Law Advocacy Clinic Spring 2015
Kaldis, Hershberg & Condurelli Family Law Advocacy Spring 2014
Kaldis Collaborative and Alternative Justice Fall 2014
Kaldis Juvenile Law Spring 2015
Kaldis Juvenile Law Online Spring 2015
Kaldis Writing and Legal Advocacy Summer 2015
Kilpatrick Gender, Sexual Orientation and the Law Fall 2014
Kilpatrick Film and the Legal Profession Spring 2014
Malaguti Comparison (Calendar) Spring 2014
Malaguti Constitutional Law Fall 2014
Malaguti Landlord Tenant Spring 2013
Malaguti Property Fall 2014
Martin Admiralty and Maritime Law Spring 2015
Martin Torts Spring 2015
McLellan Business Entities and Corporate Taxation Spring 2014
McLellan Gift and Estate Taxation Spring 2015
McLellan Federal Income Taxation Fall 2014
Olson Environmental Law Spring 2014
Olson Issues in Internet Law Spring 2014
Olson Motions (Wednesdays) Fall 2014
Olson Ethics (Mondays) Spring 2012
Olson Ethics (Tuesday/Thursday) Spring 2012
Olson Writing, Research, and Trial Advocacy Closed Memo Fall 2014
Puller Criminal Law (Day) Fall 2013
Puller Criminal Law (Evening) Fall 2013
Puller Criminal Procedure (Day) Spring 2013
Puller Criminal Procedure (Evening) Spring 2013
Rodriguez Criminal Law Fall 2014
Rodriguez Criminal Procedure Case Schedule Spring 2014
Rudnick First Amendment Summer 2014
Rudnick Constitutional Law Fall 2014
Sharaf Business of the Practice of Law Powerpoint Handout Fall 2012
Sharaf Motions  Spring 2013
Sharaf Dispute Resolution Spring 2014
Starkis Business Associations Spring 2015
Starkis Motions Spring 2014
Sullivan Animal Law Spring 2013
Sullivan Contracts Spring 2015
Sullivan UCC 2 & 9 Summer 2015
Sullivan UCC 3 & 4 Summer 2015
Sullivan UCC Fall 2014
Sullivan Women’s Issues Fall 2014
Vietzke Animal Law Spring 2015
Vietzke Sports Law and Player Representation Spring 2014
Vietzke Sophisticated Speech and Communication Fall 2013
Vietzke Writing & Legal Reasoning Spring 2015


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