Faculty Directory

Massachusetts School of Law at Andover’s fulltime faculty, who average over twenty years as practicing attorneys, teach the overwhelming majority of MSLAW’s required courses as well as numerous seminars in which students closely interact with faculty.

MSLAW’s Adjunct Faculty consists of exceptionally talented and experienced judges and attorneys, who teach the subjects they are experts in.

MSLAW’s Writing Faculty are practicing attorneys with significant writing experience who are dedicated to teaching students the best legal research and writing skills.

Fulltime Faculty
Lawrence Velvel – Dean
Michael L. Coyne – Dean Elect
Paula Kaldis – Assistant Dean
Diane Sullivan – Assistant Dean
Paula Colby-Clements
Anthony Copani
Phillip Coppola
Joseph Devlin
Peter Malaguti
Thomas Martin
Kurt Olson
Constance Rudnick
Andrej Starkis
Holly Vietzke

Adjunct Faculty
Judge Peter Agnes
Robert D. Armano
Paul Aufferman
Alba Baccari
Frederick C. Barry Jr.
Todd Cheesman
Brianna Coakley
Jeanne E. Condurelli
Richard A. Consoli
Christopher N. Cook
Honorable Robert Cornetta
Carmen Corsaro
Linda Cristello
Victoria Dickinson
Amy Dimitriadis
Ann O’Connor Downes
Judge Michael F. Edgerton
Neil Faigel
Kevin P. Foley
Robert Ford
Robert J. Forrest
Maria Fournier
Ursula Furi-Perry
Frederick Golder
Stan Goldman
Andrew Gradzewicz
Daniel C. B. Harayda
Stanley Helinski
Anne Hemingway
William A. Hernon III
Abbe L. Hershberg
Steven F. Hyde
Harold E. Johnson
Jeffrey Kitaeff
Maureen Tracy Leo
Carol Levasseur
Howard Levenson
Dorothy Linsner
Amy McLellan
Scott McLennan
John Morris
Susan Olms
Mark A. Preble
Richard Pierce
Michael T. Porter
Shane Rodriguez
Steven Sharaf
Diane Sinrich
Mark Stevens
Kimberly Stewart
Jocelyn Thomsen
Honorable Joseph Trainor
Maxine Winig
Brian Wiseman
Alex Yurgenson

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